With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Are Social Media Anti-Social?

Well written. On my side, I don’t think it makes me less social. I use WP, FB, and everything else as a means to facilitate the popularity of my blog. When a social situation in “real life” pops up, no way am I going to say, “Sorry, I have to talk to all these other people I haven’t met, I don’t have time for you, here, now.” By the by, FB is also very useful for event planning and homework help. ; )

via With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Are Social Media Anti-Social?.

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Creativity of the Week: A Silent/Silent partner…

…second cousin to Harvey the Rabbit. This week’s one creative thing you must see is the Hush Project. This activity is comprised simply of refusing to talk for fourteen days. You can find the blog for this project at darlingillusion.wordpress.com and follow the #HushProject on Twitter.

Premise: People take talking for granted. Vocal communication comes so naturally and easily to us that we rarely stop to think what life would be like without it. In an effort to shed some light on what would happen, Danielle has pledged not to say a single word, sing, hum, or text for a whole two weeks. Today marks Day #13. The only communication she has allowed herself is for emergencies, laughter, gestures, and blogging. An update is posted to her WordPress blog every few days, and this is the only talking she will be doing during the silent fortnight.

Friday is the last day she cannot speak, and with Saturday fast approaching, she is already planning what she will say and/or sing first! I wonder which it will be!

If you had to keep mum for two weeks, would it impact your life positively or negatively? How would it impact your peers?

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If you like my blog…

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Fabian Oefner – Where Science and Art Meet

I just couldn’t help throwing this into the mix as well. I spent a lot of hours this evening reading things about the universe and physics and such [mainly at Listverse.com], and as I am a huge nerd as well as audio-phile I MUST share this post with you.


Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Fabian Oefner is a scientific artist who comes up with new and inventive ways of mixing the world of science and art.

These images are actually the size of a thumbnail and are created by mixing ferrofluid with watercolour and putting it into a magnetic field.

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1812 Overture: The One Creative Thing You Must Hear This Week

Maybe it’s the fireworks boiling my blood for this weeks’ pick. Who can know these things? What we all know is what the finale of this piece sounds like because it is extremely overused in film. The piece in its entirety is much more beautiful than the finale on its own. Recently, I spent a few months training to be a professional concert pianist. Needless to say, despite my intense dedication this plan did not pan out entirely. Well, okay. One good thing that came of my months of training was a deep appreciation for classical music. Continue reading

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Tutorial: Paper IQ Lamp

This lamp hangs right above my bed.

This post was supposed to go up last Thursday but apparently it failed to upload. I apologize for the long wait for this tutorial. I only just noticed.








Light is awesome. Capturing light [photography] is an extremely creative awesomeness. Shaping light is also awesome, and here today I present to you my tutorial on how to make an IQ Lamp. This is a step-by-step process requiring only a few supplies:

  • Paper [color of your choosing]
  • Xacto knife or other precision cutting tool
  • Cutting surface
  • Light wire, found here
  • Light bulb

IQ lamps were first invented by Holger Strom in 1973, and they’re great for all sorts of special events and for softening the atmosphere of any room. Strom was a designer by trade and came up with this lamp in his own free time after being inspired by another lamp requested by a client. See my earlier post about the IQ Lamp which includes history and links to learn more.

Continue reading

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The One Creative Thing You Must See This Week #001

It’s a blue Monday and the week is off to a good start. Little Goals this week include drawing thumbnails for my Anti-Phonetic Alphabet chart, finishing an IQ Lamp project I’m making for a friend, practicing trumpet with gusto, and perhaps coalescing some drunken writings into something less maudlin and more humorous.

The One Creative Thing You Must See This Week of the week is here! This is the first one of those. This time it’s “Came Out of A Lady” by RUBBLEBUCKET

How about them apples? Just TRY to get that tune out of your head! It’s magnificent.

In other news it’s been raining for weeks. I feel like I live in a sub-tropical swamp! Oh wait, I do live in a sub-tropical swamp, and that’s exactly what my leaky car smells like on the inside. I’ve given up on trying to keep that thing dry; the energy input necessary is not worth spending. Going for a run in the rain is good though. I like running in the rain. It’s mighty refreshing and quells the incinerating fires of the restless heart for a time. By the dedication of my mind to actually just running in the rain and not to wanderlust, anxiety, or the fear and hatred I have of going to the market, I existed in serenity today.

Classes start in August. But that’s another story.

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Interlocking Quadrilaterals

christmas lightsWhen I was a little boy I stole a strand of Christmas lights from the shed and strung it up in my bedroom. The soft, low glow not only reminded me of Christmastime but offered a mystical atmosphere I didn’t really think much of at the time – lots of kids put up Christmas lights. In my gothic phase [which, thankfully, never fully took off] I even painted each individual bulb black with a permanent marker. This offered an eerie purple-ish glow and ruined a whole strand. Since then I have always had unconventional sources of light in my bedrooms, and when I moved out of my parents’ house, in my apartments. For the most part this consisted of Christmas lights because they glow nicely and are readily available. One day I realized that this love of lighting was a passion and I bought nine spherical white hanging lanterns and a box of light bulb socket cords. Well, those are nice but they weren’t quite involved enough.

I did some research on lighting and discovered an amazing jigsaw lamp designed in 1973 by Holger Strom. He called it the IQ Light not after the Intelligence Quotient test, but for Interlocking Quadrilaterals. It’s a hefty name but is very self-explanatory. It makes even more sense when you see a photo of one of these beautiful lamps.

I Q Light

This lamp is hanging directly above my bed.

At its most basic, this is an arts & crafts project, but there is some interesting science that goes into making one of these lamps. For instance, if the rhomboid shape were more square than rectangular the sphere would not hold together as well. Aside from spheres, the shape you see here can be linked together in so many different ways as to create eggs, diamonds, cones, and much more!

I Q Light

Later on this week I will post a short tutorial on making one of these spherical lamps, with photos, videos, links, and templates.

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a star reborn

Jetpack Jesus is one of my favorite cartoon characters to draw from my childhood. I invented him in 2003 or 2004 and used to draw him quite often. The details of how he came into being are fuzzy now. He is the mascot of this blog because he defines the purpose of this website in a nutshell: daily renewal through creativity, or salvation, if you will. He’s a good guy and his existence is a little ironic if not idiotic. Creativity is all about having fun, stomping out fear, and exploring new frontiers whether they are awesome, quirky, or frankly repelling.


Why does he have a jetpack? you might ask. You might’ve asked the wrong question. Either way the answer is ‘Because I gave him one.’

Origin: When I was about the age of fourteen I was admitted to a mental institution in the children’s ward basically for having too much apathy for the nonsensical, extremely flawed school system that I attended. [At 22 I realize that the core of the problem was a lack of challenge on their part, a lack of drive on mine.] During my two week stay at the institution I made good friends with an eight-year-old girl. She was in the smaller-children’s ward and was there for lacking a will to live. I did a lot of drawing in those days and so one day I handed her a picture of Jetpack Jesus and told her that whenever she felt sad or that she didn’t want to live, to look at the picture and it would act as proof that she had a good friend somewhere. After I was free from that place I didn’t draw Mr. Jesus very often. In fact, this drawing here [scanned and Photoshopped of course] is the first recreation in eight years, give or take.

Creativity comes in many unexpected forms. This unlikely form resurfaced from long ago. I never thought I would draw Jetpack Jesus again, but at the suggestion of a friend he suddenly transformed into a worthy mascot for creativity. He’s got gusto! He’s got silliness! He’s got a jetpack!

Q: What is your favorite thing to draw from your childhood? What is your favorite thing to draw now?

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If music be the food of love, creativity be the wine of life. And if creativity is the wine of life, I want to pair my wine delectably with the food, and to be a glutinous alcoholic fuck. Well, I’m neither of those [yet] but I do believe that creativity fosters the daily renewal of the spirit, while music and love tend to foster renewal of the soul. But you ask, Aren’t the Spirit and the Soul one in the same? In a sense, they are! At the same time, however, they are very different. The spirit consists of your attitude and your happiness, while your soul makes up your moral fiber, the essence of you, and your sense of compassion.

My intention with this blog is to keep a record of a dauntingly vague term: creativity. Here you’ll find my own creative efforts along with some food for thought, and snapshots of creative projects and creators, past and present. I guess you could say this is an attempt to weave this very important topic into the fabric of our culture. Well, my culture, at least. Yours too, I hope!

The Bible says that, ‘In the beginning God created…’ and goes on to describe all the nice things He created. It does not say that in the beginning God sat mightily in the Heavens on His throne. It doesn’t say that in the beginning he made everything perfect. It says that he pulled up his sleeves and went to work. Moreover, he has never stopped. This big project [and yours] is what we like to call a process, and processes do bear fruit but they take some time and a ton of energy.

The term ‘creativity’ spans across many, if not all, fields of study and concern. We’ll go through them together, with strength and bravery. We will push ourselves out of our shells as to take on larger, more complex and more interesting shapes. Together we’ll tear down our walls of insecurity and self-definition. We can create whatever we want, which is to say ‘something out of nothing’, so it may as well be anything. And there is nothing to fear but fear itself, so I think that it would be appropriate to make some initial postings here on this brand spankin’ new blog about fear, so we can go ahead and get that out of the way. An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.

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