If music be the food of love, creativity be the wine of life. And if creativity is the wine of life, I want to pair my wine delectably with the food, and to be a glutinous alcoholic fuck. Well, I’m neither of those [yet] but I do believe that creativity fosters the daily renewal of the spirit, while music and love tend to foster renewal of the soul. But you ask, Aren’t the Spirit and the Soul one in the same? In a sense, they are! At the same time, however, they are very different. The spirit consists of your attitude and your happiness, while your soul makes up your moral fiber, the essence of you, and your sense of compassion.

My intention with this blog is to keep a record of a dauntingly vague term: creativity. Here you’ll find my own creative efforts along with some food for thought, and snapshots of creative projects and creators, past and present. I guess you could say this is an attempt to weave this very important topic into the fabric of our culture. Well, my culture, at least. Yours too, I hope!

The Bible says that, ‘In the beginning God created…’ and goes on to describe all the nice things He created. It does not say that in the beginning God sat mightily in the Heavens on His throne. It doesn’t say that in the beginning he made everything perfect. It says that he pulled up his sleeves and went to work. Moreover, he has never stopped. This big project [and yours] is what we like to call a process, and processes do bear fruit but they take some time and a ton of energy.

The term ‘creativity’ spans across many, if not all, fields of study and concern. We’ll go through them together, with strength and bravery. We will push ourselves out of our shells as to take on larger, more complex and more interesting shapes. Together we’ll tear down our walls of insecurity and self-definition. We can create whatever we want, which is to say ‘something out of nothing’, so it may as well be anything. And there is nothing to fear but fear itself, so I think that it would be appropriate to make some initial postings here on this brand spankin’ new blog about fear, so we can go ahead and get that out of the way. An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.

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