Creativity of the Week: A Silent/Silent partner…

…second cousin to Harvey the Rabbit. This week’s one creative thing you must see is the Hush Project. This activity is comprised simply of refusing to talk for fourteen days. You can find the blog for this project at and follow the #HushProject on Twitter.

Premise: People take talking for granted. Vocal communication comes so naturally and easily to us that we rarely stop to think what life would be like without it. In an effort to shed some light on what would happen, Danielle has pledged not to say a single word, sing, hum, or text for a whole two weeks. Today marks Day #13. The only communication she has allowed herself is for emergencies, laughter, gestures, and blogging. An update is posted to her WordPress blog every few days, and this is the only talking she will be doing during the silent fortnight.

Friday is the last day she cannot speak, and with Saturday fast approaching, she is already planning what she will say and/or sing first! I wonder which it will be!

If you had to keep mum for two weeks, would it impact your life positively or negatively? How would it impact your peers?

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