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Creativity of the Week: A Silent/Silent partner…

…second cousin to Harvey the Rabbit. This week’s one creative thing you must see is the Hush Project. This activity is comprised simply of refusing to talk for fourteen days. You can find the blog for this project at and follow the #HushProject on Twitter.

Premise: People take talking for granted. Vocal communication comes so naturally and easily to us that we rarely stop to think what life would be like without it. In an effort to shed some light on what would happen, Danielle has pledged not to say a single word, sing, hum, or text for a whole two weeks. Today marks Day #13. The only communication she has allowed herself is for emergencies, laughter, gestures, and blogging. An update is posted to her WordPress blog every few days, and this is the only talking she will be doing during the silent fortnight.

Friday is the last day she cannot speak, and with Saturday fast approaching, she is already planning what she will say and/or sing first! I wonder which it will be!

If you had to keep mum for two weeks, would it impact your life positively or negatively? How would it impact your peers?

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1812 Overture: The One Creative Thing You Must Hear This Week

Maybe it’s the fireworks boiling my blood for this weeks’ pick. Who can know these things? What we all know is what the finale of this piece sounds like because it is extremely¬†overused in film. The piece in its entirety is much more beautiful than the finale on its own. Recently, I spent a few months training to be a professional concert pianist. Needless to say, despite my intense dedication this plan did not pan out entirely. Well, okay. One good thing that came of my months of training was a deep appreciation for classical music. Continue reading

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The One Creative Thing You Must See This Week #001

It’s a blue Monday and the week is off to a good start. Little Goals this week include drawing thumbnails for my Anti-Phonetic Alphabet chart, finishing an IQ Lamp project I’m making for a friend, practicing trumpet with gusto, and perhaps coalescing some drunken writings into something less maudlin and more humorous.

The One Creative Thing You Must See This Week of the week is here! This is the first one of those. This time it’s “Came Out of A Lady” by RUBBLEBUCKET

How about them apples? Just TRY to get that tune out of your head! It’s magnificent.

In other news it’s been raining for weeks. I feel like I live in a sub-tropical swamp! Oh wait, I do live in a sub-tropical swamp, and that’s exactly what my leaky car smells like on the inside. I’ve given up on trying to keep that thing dry; the energy input necessary is not worth spending. Going for a run in the rain is good though. I like running in the rain. It’s mighty refreshing and quells the incinerating fires of the restless heart for a time. By the dedication of my mind to actually just running in the rain and not to wanderlust, anxiety, or the fear and hatred I have of going to the market, I existed in serenity today.

Classes start in August. But that’s another story.

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